What's Included

When you sign-up, we will provide a 1.5 day on-site or virtual workshop plus a two-week agile sprint to complete the following:


We'll create user personas that reflect the needs, goals, and behaviors of your target audience. Our data-driven approach combines user research, market analysis, and key insights that are grounded in real-world observations and informed by the latest UX best practices.


User journey map

Our UX team delivers a data-driven user journey map for the optimal core experience for your application or digital solution.

User journey map

Work area analysis

We provide a comprehensive work area analysis with the core areas of concentrated work needed to deliver your product. Think of this as the project deliverables for successful UX design, much like the necessary materials for building a kitchen or a house. The goal is to design those work areas to be as efficient as possible.

Work area analysis

User Scenarios

For each core work area, our team identifies the user scenarios that need to be addressed. We focus on the core user experiences that are most important to the success of your project.


View catalog and audit

For each core work area, we identify the views that are essential to complete the user scenarios. We audit the views to identify which views are core, reusable views.


Guiding UX design strategies

We identify a set of guiding UX design strategies to be used when designing your software or digital solution.


Design concept

We’ll also deliver a design concept that shows what your new software solution could look like.

Design Concept

Implementation work plan

Finally, we provide a proposed UX design plan and the engineering / development needed to bring your new product to life.

Implementation Work Plan

Take the Next Step

Don't miss out on this one-time offer to kick off your digital product! Our FastTrack program delivers the full project within 21 days and if you move forward with development within 60 days, we'll refund 50% of the Fast Track cost. Fill out the form below to learn more.